A.K.A. Jon Appleton

With nearly 25 years’ commercial experience, Appleton Design (AKA Jon Appleton), has quietly carved a reputation for quality and service within the design industry for his ability to create practical and contemporary work and adhere to strict deadlines.

Having amassed several years of experience at both consumer and B2B publishers, Jon boasts a broad range of design skills and is comfortable creating anything from company logos, through to magazines, websites and promotional material.

In addition to design, Jon’s assured knowledge of reprographics and the various finishing methods used in publishing afford him a unique understanding of modern print production that should not be underestimated. This practical insight ensures he is always thinking of the end product, and finding print solutions that will guarantee a high quality finish.

Jon also boasts extensive experience in website design and maintenance, honed during his time as web master and designer at numerous publishing firms. His familiarity with all things online enables Jon to take his client’s brief from concept stage, through to design, build, hosting and management.

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